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Young Living Oils are an Essential part of Elizabeth's Spiritual Healing work.
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Founder of Ancient Wisdom LLC in Johnston, Rhode Island, USA;
Elizabeth Desrochers is a Doctor of Divinity, Author, Shaman, Spiritual Healer,
Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner,
Certified (QHHT) Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist and Certified Biofeedback
Specialist who has trained with Masters from all over the world. ​
Elizabeth is also Certified in Essential Oil Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex,
Emotional Release, Healing Oils of the Bible and Essential Oil Chemistry.
Elizabeth is a Teacher of Healers; a gifted Visionary with a unique ability
​to create wellness and joy with each client.

​​​My Journey with Essential Oils

Many years ago, Dr. Norma Milanovich introduced me to Young Living essential oils and homeopathic expert Mary Hardy. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and the introduction to the wisdom of essential oils. I fell in love with these oils, and my love became my passion.  I wanted to know everything about them. My guides directed me to study everything I could about essential oils. My studies fed my soul and ignited my desire to learn even more.

I went to every convention, read every book, and met everyone who had anything to do with the entire process including Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Buch and the founders of Young Living Oils, D. Gary Young and Mary Young.  I have become certified in the famous Essential Oil Raindrop technique, Vitaflex technique, Emotional Release, Healing Oils of the Bible and the Chemistry of Essential Oils with CARE, The Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education. 

I visited the farm in Utah, where many of the plants are grown.  The Mona Farm is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, with the sun shining across the land and the beautiful smell of plants, it is a garden of pure love and peace. 

While walking around the farm, I found myself in the middle of the Lavender plants.  With the sun in my face, I was taken to my knees.  I felt the brightest White Light come into my crown chakra as I was guided to “put my feet into the dirt”.  This light extended through my body and came out my feet; as it surrounded me, it anchored deep into the Light of earth.  I sat on the ground, removed my shoes and dug my feet into the dirt.  During this moment, I drifted deep into meditation.  It felt as though I were the only human on earth, having a conversation with God.  I have meditated before and yet, at that moment in time, I felt one with God. I knew immediately that I was one with these plants and that they are directly from Creator God.  I was literally shown how these plants are alive with God’s life force, the same life force that resides within each one of us.  The oils are the life blood in the veins of the plants.  These oils are alive.  They have the ability to raise our consciousness and our vibrations.  When our vibration is high, we maintain wellness.  Each of these oils has the ability to raise our frequency higher, supporting our life force in every way: mind, body, spirit and emotion.  I was shown why Young Living essential oils are far superior to others.  I was shown how D. Gary Young and Mary Young continue to support the Creator God in all that they do.  This God Force Gene is the key in all of Young Living products.  This is the magic key, how and why Young Living works. It is a partnership with Creator and Mother Nature’s creation.  When we connect with Creator God and ask via muscle testing we can be sure to always select the proper oil.
Breathe it in, soak it up, ingest… the oils are here for you.

It has been an amazing journey with Young Living through the years, watching their legacy and integrity stand the test of time.  They continue to enhance our lives in so many ways with essential oils and everyday products.   We are even more excited about their toxic free make up, CBD Oils and chemical-free Baby line. 

My intent was to use essential oils; my passion became my love to share, and sharing turned into a fantastic business opportunity.

Where else can you go, building your business while someone else tends to making the product, testing the product, stocking the warehouse, boxing and shipping directly to your client while you get monthly rewards and income?

There are many factors and two main distinctions that make therapeutic grade essential oils: environmental factors, including where the plant is grown, type of soil, fertilizer (organic), altitude, etc… and physical factors, including how and when the plant is harvested (what time of year as well as what day or night), how it is distilled and how it is bottled.  All of these factors have equal importance. 

For example: lavender grown in our backyard will have different chemical constituents from the one grown in France. Autumn season will produce specific constituents compared to those harvested during the spring. The way the plant is planted from seed, grown, and harvested all play important roles.

Essential oil chemistry will distinguish various constituents, and that will tell us what medicinal properties each oil has.  The Chemistry of Essential Oils by Dr. David Stewart is an easy-to-read book that will answer all of your questions in detail regarding the chemistry of the oils.

Once the oil has been distilled, it is very important to test its composition.  Without testing, we really don’t know what the chemistry is. Many companies do not test oils because it is time -consuming and expensive. Young Living is committed to testing many times before sealing the oil in the jar. 

Wouldn’t you prefer knowing the science indicating which oil is best for aromatherapy or perfume and which one will support your liver?

When you work with the oils and see what they can do, how helpful they are in so many ways, you will want to share. Sharing naturally develops into a network.  Networking naturally develops into a rewarding business opportunity.

One of the most valuable experiences I have had was the opportunity to be involved with essential oils for so many years with extensive training from the best of the best.  It is my desire to share this with you to show what our oils can do and why Young Living is the best and worth every penny.

And, after knowing that one drop of synthetic oil is harmful to our DNA, you will now know why it is imperative to use only 100%

therapeutic grade, ​NON-GMO, Young Living essential oils. 

Young Living stands by their Seed to Seal commitment to excellence.  
And, as guided by Creator God, I stand by Young Living essential oils.

With love and blessings,
​Elizabeth Desrochers
(401) 447-3671